Class schedule


Week R packages Topic Readings
Jan 11 dismo Overview, reproducible research Elith and Leathwick (2009)R
Jan 18 raster Data Hijmans et al. (2005)R
Jan 25 Niche and fitness Kearney et al. (2010)R
Hutchinson (1957)R
Leibold (1995)O
Feb 1 Niche and distribution Pulliam (2000)R
Feb 8 Machine learning Breiman (2001)R
Domingos (2016)O
Feb 15 ROCR Evaluation Fawcett (2006)R
Feb 22 e1071 Presence-only: SVMs Drake, Randin, and Guisan (2006)R
Drake (2014)R
Feb 29 geometry Presence-only: Range bagging Drake (2015)R
Mar 14 dismo Presence-background: MaxEnt S. J. Phillips, Dudik, and Shapire (2004)R
Elith et al. (2010)R
Mar 21 ppmlasso Presence-background: Point processes Renner and Warton (2013)R
Ward et al. (2008)O
Mar 28 maxlike Presence-background: Probabilistic models Royle et al. (2012)R
Apr 4 inla Conditional autoregressive models Beale et al. (2010)R
Beguin et al. (2012)O
Apr 11 gbm Classification: Boosted regression trees J. Elith, Leathwick, and Hastie (2008)R
Apr 18 Special topics Vel’asquez-Tibat’a, Graham, and Munch (2015)C
S. J. Phillips et al. (2009)C
N. Barve et al. (2011)C
Apr 25 Big data Kelling et al. (2009)R

R: Required reading; O: Optional reading; C: Choose one paper