Rlogo metacom: Analysis of the elements of metacommunity structure

Functions to analyze coherence, boundary clumping, and turnover following the pattern-based metacommunity analysis of Leibold and Mikkelson 2002. The package also includes functions to visualize ecological networks, and to calculate modularity as a replacement to boundary clumping.


Rlogo helminthR: an R interface to the London Natural History Museum’s host–parasite database

Programmatically access the London Natural History Museum’s helminth database.


Rlogo spaero: Software for project AERO

Implements methods for anticipating the emergence and eradication of infectious diseases from surveillance time series. Also provides support for computational experiments testing the performance of such methods.



tycho2: R interface to Project Tycho 2.0 API

This R package provides a wrapper for the Project Tycho 2.0 web API.