IDEAS: Scientific Programming (2019)


Program: 3rd Annual IDEAS Workshop: Scientific Programming Module
Location: University of Georgia
Date: May 13-15, 2019
Instructors: John M. Drake ( & Andrew Park (
Class objectives: This module introduces the principles and practice of scientific computing with special emphasis on analysis of infectious disease data. Programming will be done in R. Students will be taught how to create reproducible research documents using R and R Markdown and to use git/Github for collaborative and individual projects. An introduction to scientific programming will teach basic operations and classes of base R, installation and use of R packages, data import and transformation, flow control with loops, writing functions, calculating summary statistics, data visualization, and basic mapping. The module will alternate between lectures and computer labs.
Data for exercises: cases.csvwnv.csv, lyme.csv, pop.csv, climate.csv

Class topics

Data visualization: Presentation, Handout
Scientific programming: Presentation, Handout
Wrangling: Presentation, Handout
Modeling: Presentation, Handout
Project management: Presentation, Handout

Suggested reading